• Il Poggio del Mare
  • Acciaroli (SA) Italy
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The window on the Cilento

Cilento and its beauties

Cilento is a land of historical marvels and cultural beauties. Every year thousands of visitors, attracted by the sea, reach this area.

Il Poggio del Mare, located in the village of San Mauro Cilento, is few minutes from Acciaroli, a resort that is well-known for its wide and clean beaches and pure sea.

Travelling south, visitors can reach the resorts of Palinuro and Camerota, noted for the clearness of the sea and the unpolluted bays.

Travelling north, visitors can admire some villages of the coast, such as Santa Maria and San Marco di Castellabate, or more crowded places like Agropoli and Paestum, which is famous for its magnificent Greek temples, preserved in good conditions.

In the hinterland, visitors can admire the remains of Elea (Velia), the ancient town of Magna Grecia, home of the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno. Velia is noted for the Porta Rosa (Pink Gate), a IV century b.C. structure that represents the oldest exemplar of Greek arch in Italy.